Let me share with you the main reasons why I do what I do and how I came to the coaching profession. Coming to this career has been a long journey, like scattered pieces of a puzzle coming together into a clear picture.

My personal and professional life often felt at odds: Coaching brought harmony to the disconnect I was feeling. It allows me to use my experiences, my valuable insights and my passion to support you.

A bit about my history and insights:

Being immersed in two different cultures from a young age made me question what many others held as truth. It left me with the awareness that there is no absolute right and wrong. Just different choices and different outcomes.

Gender roles are not set in stone: Living in different cultures has taught me that there isn’t only one way to be. Men can be gentle, sensitive and kind. Women can be strong and authoritative. There is no right or wrong. There is each person’s truth. The more we try to shut it down, the more pain and violence we inflict. Society as a whole functions much better when each person is allowed to be themselves.

For this reason, I am passionate about guiding both men and women to their own truth and giving them the tools to embrace themselves as they are; seeing each one stand tall and proud. This in turn prepares them to create the most authentic and happiest relationships.

Troubled twenties as an expat spouse: You’d think from the title, I was rebellious. Quite the opposite, I was working tirelessly to be the perfect daughter, perfect wife, perfect daughter-in law. The more I tried, the deeper I went into trauma, drama, and illness. I felt I had accomplished nothing for myself. I had put my life on hold for years. Giving so much left me completely depleted.

I faced reality and failure: Trying to be perfect was NOT working. Lost and confused, I turned to therapy. I started learning to be me. At every turn, I was brought back to the same realization: life was not limiting me, other people were not limiting me, I was limiting myself with subconscious beliefs.

Every step I took to change these beliefs, my life improved.

I can guide you to see your subconscious beliefs and move past their limitations. The experience I gained makes me respect your process deeply, understand that you have unique needs, challenges, and strengths.

Professional shifts:

Early years of my career challenged more subconscious beliefs.

Money does not guarantee happiness: The belief I held was education guarantees money, success and happiness. I noticed the happiest colleagues were not the most educated or the ones making the most money. I discovered that the happiest colleagues did have two things in common: a high level of self-awareness, and a strong ability to maintain their emotional balance.

Being empowered emotionally and spiritually will take you a lot further in life. Wholeness is what everyone is seeking. Status and money won’t take you there. I know because I’ve been there.

I support you in building the emotional and spiritual strength you need and save you years of painful experiences and frustrating trial and errors to find your formula for balance and thrive.

Leadership positions don’t equate with leadership skills: I saw highly educated leaders with a very negative impact on their work environment, and no awareness of it. Real leadership is about empowering people to meet goals.

Being an empowering leader begins with being humble and critical about one’s strengths and areas of improvement. Building strong leadership skills requires the willingness and ability to learn, grow and seek support when needed.

I value leaders who are equally committed to people and bottom lines. I enjoy supporting them in finding their own unique way to achieve personal and workplace transformation.

Health and balance:

I was always drawn to solving the root causes of problems. In fact, my first boss had labeled me the problem solver. So, when illness set-in, and western medicine had no answers or solutions, I sought the root causes. I turned to holistic health methodologies. My health started improving. Through a long recovery, I learnt that wholeness is a balance of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Your body speaks to you all the time. What you may see as mere symptom is an indication your body is giving you about an imbalance. I support you in connecting with this wisdom.

The turning point: Although I loved going to law school, I wasn’t happy with my career. As the years went by, what started as a promising career turned into a way of paying the bills. Was I going to settle and live the next 30 years of my life in a job I didn’t enjoy? That wasn’t an option. The thought of it made me sick.

With so much loss, and change to process, I hired a coach. I knew I needed to make big changes, and I set out on a new path one step at a time.

From job to passion: I was done living for a job that paid the bills but was draining the life out of me. I set on the thrilling and terrifying journey of finding my passion.


“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life” JK Rowling

Then came my second expat experience: My second expat experience became the opportunity for my career transformation. 

I had loved every aspect of training during the first few years of my professional life. With the depth of understanding, life experience, and training I had in intercultural dynamics, I added intercultural training to my work. I moved from law to training, coaching, and facilitation.

Your expat experience can be your opportunity to align your career with your passion. I can support you every step of the way.

From passion to purpose: As I was using my new-found tools, my health was steadily improving. My work was more rewarding. I was reconnecting with the joy of life. But still, there was something that felt incomplete on the professional front.

I was still feeling a bit lost: How was I going to bring all the pieces of my life and work together? When I heard about the True Purpose® process, I was skeptical. Was there even such a thing as a life purpose? But my intuition said explore it. So I did.

Deep healing, resilience and joy: From this process, I experienced healing at the deepest levels. Physical and emotional healing. My connection to my intuition strengthened; most of all, I now have more clarity and drive to accomplish things than ever before. I found the key to unleash the dormant potential in everyone.

That quite little voice inside you saying there is more you could be doing for this world is there for a reason. I can guide you to find it and share with you the tools to bring your unique vision to life.

Authenticity is important to me. I walk my talk. I can support you in sailing through unchartered waters because, I have been there myself.


Associate Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation

Certified Professional Coach, Leadership That Works

Trained True Purpose® Coach, True Purpose Institute

Third Party Neutral in Conflict, Canadian Institute of Conflict Resolution

Intercultural Mediator, Negocom International

Attorney, Barreau du Québec (Bar of the Province of Quebec), Canada

Community Engagement:

Contributing to my community has always been important for me. From the beginning of my career, I always volunteered in community organizations that aim to empower. Below are volunteer positions I held over the years:

  • Articling student at the Legal Aid Clinic (Université de Montréal: Under a lawyer’s supervision, did free legal research and gave recommendations to under-privileged populations)
  • Intercultural Mediator (Acceuil Parrainage Outaouais: organization supporting newly arriving immigrants in settling into Canadian Society)
  • Board Member (Option Femmes Emploi: organization supporting women through vocational rehabilitation and entrepreneurship skills)
  • Public Relations Chair (Seoul International Women’s Association: not-for-profit aiming to promote rich intercultural exchange between the expat community and Korea. It also raises funds for local charities)
  • Coaching Group Facilitator: Expat life, Challenges and Strategies for success (Cercle Franco-Coréen: organization aiming to support francophone expat women through their years of residence in Seoul and promote cultural exchange between South-Korean and francophone women)

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