My programs are all about getting you to a place of peace, clarity, connectedness and meaningful action: I offer coaching programs for individuals who are frustrated and tired of going around in circles. At some point, the realization hits you that you cannot go on with the same patterns. When something is consistently failing you, it is time to learn new ways.

As Einstein said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The three main areas I work with are:

Improving relationships: This one is big. Most my clients struggle with conflict and of course it limits their careers and poisons their personal lives. Through our work, my clients connect with the underlying reasons for their relational difficulties and become empowered to be assertive about their needs, detach from other people’s approval and remain connected to their core values (which I call our internal GPS: Global Positioning System)

Speaking of Global: The second group of clients I work with is expats. If you are an expat, you know the lifestyle is nowhere near the glamorous jet set lifestyle it is made to be. Heck no!!! You have to deal with so many issues that you didn’t even know would hit you and it can be draining, depressing and depleting. In my work with the expat community, I support my clients to find their balance, move through the challenges of their unique expat situation and thrive by finding meaning and a renewed sense of joy.

Some even take it as an opportunity to go on a deep exploration of their lives, reshape their careers or pursue their life purpose moving from careers that no longer match their life situations and new outlook on life (you know from being an expat that you meet so many people, become open to so many different possibilities and managing very different challenges, the experience changes who you are and reshuffles your priorities).

You could take years and years trying to adjust or get some support and move on, cut years off the trial and error exploration and its frustrations and get about the business of reshaping your life to fit you, instead of constantly trying to fit into your old life and career.

And while we’re on the topic of careers, the third group of people I work with is professionals ready to take their career to the next level: Careers can be challenging to manage, especially for professionals and leaders with a highly collaborative profile. You cannot become someone else but you can become the best version of yourself by finding the right balance for you and how to leverage your strengths and vision.

Which of these situations do you recognize yourself in?

Professional confronted with relational challenges: Go to Empowered Professional Coaching Program

Leader wanting to find balance between leading people from a place of connectedness and collaboration, and meeting the bottom lines: Go to Mindful Leader Coaching Program

Expat struggling with the adjustment to your new life: Go to The Thriving Expat Coaching Program, or wanting to move towards a more fulfilling career, go to Transitioning from Job to Passion Coaching Program 

Seeker longing for meaning, wanting to move towards work that is deeply satisfying and changing people’s lives, go to True Purpose Seekers® Coaching Program “True Purpose” is a registered Trademark of the True Purpose Institute

The next version of you is waiting to be born. Your future self will thank you!!!

The Empowered Professional

The purpose of this program is to support professionals experiencing challenging situations and feeling powerless to get back to a place of peace, connectedness, higher productivity and alignment.

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The Mindful Leader

A mindful leader is a more productive and powerful leader!!! The purpose of this program is to support leaders and aspiring leaders to cultivate a mindful approach to leadership, increase their effectiveness and their impact, and connect to their highest vision for their work and their career.

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The Thriving Expat

The purpose of this specific program is to support the accompanying spouses in the expat community in living the most joyful and fulfilling expat experience they possibly can, by supporting them to overcome their personalized challenges of expat living and turning them into opportunities.

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Transitioning from Job to Passion

The aim of this program is to help you find or create a job that you love doing, a job where you feel fulfilled and joyful and where you work feels meaningful.

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True Purpose® Seekers

“True Purpose” is a registered Trademark of the True Purpose Institute

This program is designed to support clients with a desire to live their purpose and increase their impact to find their life purpose and create the way to live it.

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