I guide professionals and expat spouses through difficult times, and get them to a state of balance, resilience and inner peace



Common issues my male clients face

You feel you always have to be strong to be respected: When you hear the word strong, it sounds like you have to be tough, never show weakness or emotion, be harsh and decisive but deep down it doesn’t come naturally to you.

You wish you could just be honest but it feels scary to open up and you worry you will be misunderstood or criticized and shamed: sometimes you wish it was easier, you wish you could really just be yourself, without pretending and hiding, but you worry the important people in your life will think less of you or that you would lose them. You may not even know what to say or how to say it without creating bigger problems.

There are important decisions in your life you wish you had the total freedom to make but you feel these choices would not be accepted because of cultural norms: Perhaps you wish you could have a truly fulfilling career rather than making the popular choice, or be with a partner you worry your environment won’t approve of. But you fear that telling your family and closed ones would alienate you.

Sometimes just dealing with daily life can become overwhelming: You may be functioning very well from the outside, but when you are alone, you feel empty and restless. You may be having difficulty sleeping or keeping up with all your responsibilities. You may often get angry and lash out but you would like to find balance and peace, and you are not sure how to get there.

When we work together, we will harmonize your inner conflicts, guide you to your truth and give you tools to create wholeness in your life and experience peace.  You will find freedom, meaning, and build relationships that honor your authentic Self.

Common issues my female clients face

There are areas of your life where you feel tired, lost and confused: You may be very successful in your career but you just don’t seem able to find the man of your dreams and you are tired of trying or no matter how hard you try, you often find yourself with difficult relationships that leave you feeling depleted, unappreciated and exhausted.

Taking good care of your family and friends is important to you: You’re always doing everything you can to be there for your family, friends and colleagues, yet when you feel tired, it’s hard for you to take time for yourself to recharge or ask for help. Sometimes it feels like you just have to keep everything going and keep the peace with everyone, and you worry if you stop, everything will fall apart.

You have lost your vision for your life and have no idea what you can or what you want to do: There was a time you had dreams, really exciting dreams for yourself, but as life went on, you just fell in and out of relationships or jobs, there was even a time you enjoyed them but now, happiness and fulfillment  are just vague words you remember but you have no idea how to get there. You may even doubt that it’s possible to get back to a place of clarity, peace and inner strength.

But I know that it is. I will guide you and walk this journey with you until you find yourself standing tall and proud, feeling resilient, assertive and connected to your gifts and true self.

True Purpose ® seekers:

You feel like you are just going around in circles in your life: Every now and then, a part of you whispers: “there is more to life, there has to be a better way to feel fulfilled and make a meaningful contribution to the world.”

You look at this world and you wonder, what is wrong with it? How do people not see that we’ve got this so wrong? Sometimes, life seems meaningless and you wonder what it’s all for, you see some strong injustices in the world, and you want to do more to change things but you don’t know how. Sometimes you even doubt yourself because the things you see are so different from what others do, and most people seem to live with it quite well, so you think, maybe the problem is that you just need to accept things as they are.

Your yearning to contribute to creating a better world has been increasing: the problem is you have no idea what your unique contribution is and you are scared of again going down a path that will not leave you feeling unfulfilled. Despite the fear, it seems the nagging feeling that there is something bigger you are meant to do just won’t go away, and now you want to find out what is it.

I have been there, I know what this feels like and I will guide you through the exploration of your life purpose using the True Purpose ®*method. Through our work, you will connect with your guidance, discover the unique way you are meant to serve, whom you are meant to work with and how you are meant to uplift their lives.

We will equip you with tools and do the healing work you require to step into purposeful living.

*TP is a registered trademark of the True Purpose Institute

Who I work with:

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds and sectors:

  • Diplomats
  • Educators 
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Social workers
  • Artists
  • Non-profit & Community Leaders
  • Expat professionals
  • Expat spouses 
  • Holistic health professionals
  • Aspiring coaches

Are we a good match?

Creating a space where you can show up fully, feel safe, seen and supported on your journey is important to me. My commitment to you is to show up for you with honesty and compassion and call your courage out respecting your own pace. To help you decide if teaming up together could benefit you, read the attitudes of my ideal clients:

  • Self-motivated: You are deeply committed to improving your life.
  • Honest: You are willing to explore what’s not working so you can make better choices.
  • Action-oriented: Respecting your own pace, and with support, you will take action to move towards a more fulfilling life.
  • Committed: You are willing to invest in yourself and your growth.
  • You are willing to see failure as a necessary stepping stone to success.
  • You respect my time and yours

If you recognize yourself in the description above and you would like to explore working together, you have 3 options:

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