Kawtar was able to listen to me deeply, and name what I wasn’t able to articulate. She made me see the links between different areas in my life.

She was able to put her finger on the underlying causes of my struggles. With her guidance, I connected with my feelings and was able to find the solutions to the difficult situations I was going through. I have a lot more clarity now and I have the resources to deal with challenging situations.

I could go so far as saying that Kawtar’s role was instrumental in how I approach my life nowadays.

FG, Attorney
Gatineau, Canada

Before meeting Kawtar, I thought that my wish to lead a values-driven life was something only great people dare to do, not ordinary people. At first, I wanted my coach’s acknowledgement about what I was doing, I felt my eyes were chasing after hers, but now my eyes are on me, and my ears on me. I am the lead in my values-filled life. Kawtar helped me to recognize the fact that all individuals are change makers. From the very first coaching session, I saw her 100% trust in me saying that “I am seeing you as a changemaker”.

As a woman from a very patriarchal society, I often face hostile responses from my own colleagues and counterparts due to my gender. Scared to face conflict, I used to shrink. Coaching empowered me to be courageous to take a stand. Now I can speak up against bias with grace. Coaching is power.

As a mother, I used to be unsure how much my decisions needed to be about my daughter’s life, but now I can say that I am holding the key in my own life journey and I came to recognize that my child is holding her key in her hands. Separately but in the same big ocean, looking at each other with satisfaction from time to time.

By the end of my coaching with Kawtar, I found myself no longer in a hurry. I felt that I stand firmly on the shore of a big ocean just looking at the waves come and go. No shaking. Stable and firm. Feeling strong or weak does not shake me anymore. I am who I am now. And it made me more flexible and receptive toward my family, colleagues and friends. I feel I can embrace other perspectives better, keeping myself anchored in my core values.

I feel fortunate to have a coach who has a holistic depth of understanding into interwoven aspects of culture. Kawtar helped me to embrace and extend my horizon beyond culture.

KD, Empowerment Program Manager
Seoul, South-Korea

Last spring, I was at point in my life in which I needed more clarification, purpose and direction. At this same time a friend, who had been in the same place with me, found clarify, purpose, and was so happy.

I asked what had changed and they informed me their coach Kawtar had helped them find purpose and the internal means to find happiness. I immediately requested to start working with Kawtar.

After working with Kawtar, I find I have the keys to be happy and internally content in own humanity. I have a greater appreciation and gratitude for people, life and my past/present/future journey. I am thankful to Kawtar for helping me find my life’s purpose.

BB, Communications Manager
Seoul, South-Korea

Kawtar has amazing skills of exploring your own inner resources and making them accessible to you. She has helped me sort through very difficult emotions, by looking at the present and into the past and develop strategies to deal with them on the spot. Issues that had been with me since long have now been resolved. I can highly recommend her coaching skills to anyone who is interested in moving forward with ease, more clarity and confidence.

BK, Director at a Not-for-Profit
Bangkok, Thailand

Having recently arrived to a new country of residence as an expat, I was navigating the challenges of living in a foreign place. I had just left my career as an engineer to go abroad with my husband. I found myself struggling with this new role of being a stay-at home mom. My desire to continue working was burning inside me but I wasn’t sure how to reconcile it with my new responsibilities and life abroad.

I wanted to get the tools to manage this transition and find an enriching career in alignment with all aspects of my life.

In the beginning, I was a bit anxious but after each session with Kawtar, I felt better, like after a workout. One day, she asked me a question that was the turning point for my career.

Today, I am carrying through my new project and enjoying the benefits of a fulfilling career in total alignment with my values and all aspects of my life.  I feel very content and peaceful.

Through her listening and her empathy, Kawtar was able to help me overcome the challenges of my new life. Both in my new country of residence, and in my relationships with my family and friends abroad.

AB, Engineer & Doula with French Expat Women
Seoul, South-Korea

I was undergoing some phases of intensity and resistance in my personal and spiritual growth when I requested Kawtar’s support.

Our sessions created awareness about myself and the phase I was going through. They provided clarity and necessary information to acknowledge the circumstances on a wide scale and perceive the bigger picture. The new awareness allowed me to step into the present and to accept with ease the circumstances as well as to choose more dynamically.

Due to her kind and always warm approach, Kawtar supported me in increasing my self-awareness and my self-love, which is a huge and very precious facilitation.

Her abilities and guidance helped me acknowledge my own skills, connect to my life purpose and more strongly to my inner guidance. The fact that Kawtar walks her talk and shares her personal experience inspired me in my own journey.  Working with Kawtar has been a true gift.

MT, Filmmaker / Producer
Seoul, South Korea

I sought Kawtar’s support at a time of my life when I felt I had disconnected myself from who I really am. I had a confused feeling that I had lost myself somewhere along the road.

I was in my late forties, two years into an overseas posting, a housewife, mother, struggling in a rocky marriage. I felt like my world had collapsed, I felt lost, angry, rejected, scared and very lonely. My only physical symptom at the time I started my coaching process was that I felt like I had stopped breathing and was having problems to breathe again…

One of the first questions that shocked me was when Kawtar asked me what was my vision for my life…I didn’t have a clue! Through the weeks I did a lot of releasing and cleansing work with Kawtar. She introduced me to NVC which enabled me to communicate more effectively. We worked through issues of co-dependency and I learned about setting boundaries and releasing what did not belong to me. Because of the new tools acquired in my sessions I felt more empowered as I started to own my space, discover who I really am and communicate more effectively with my significant other, an area which had been wrought with conflicts.

It was Kawtar’s trust in me and her constant encouraging words and presence that helped me take my baby steps towards responsibility and ownership. I found through her help the confidence to become self-employed in what felt like the next right step towards my calling. This was one of the highlights of my walk with Kawtar.

Kawtar is uniquely empathic, loving and the most non-judgmental person I had ever come across. The warmth of her genuinely loving heart and the eyes of her soul that only saw what was beautiful in me drew me out of myself and helped me remember how to love myself again. And I started breathing again.

As I carried on my walk after my sessions I found myself healing steadily but surely in my relationship with my husband, and many areas of my life releasing expectations and starting to open to new possibilities. I am still walking but somewhere between my shoulder blades, a new pair of beautiful shiny wings are starting to flap!

JF- A fully fledged butterfly who had forgotten she had wings
Taipei City, Taiwan

I was at a point in my life where I needed clarity to make a path forward. I was feeling heavy hearted, and my issues were pressing me down. Through coaching with Kawtar, I got more clarity. In my relationships, I am more compassionate and yet more aware of boundaries. It helps me when I slip into old patterns.

Kawtar’s very intuitive and attentive. Having another perspective helped move me forward, and get unstuck from some of the elements that I was stuck on.  Coaching was a very big gift to myself and an excellent investment in my self-development.

I enjoyed the homework assignments, and felt that the accountability aspect was very important to make headway on certain issues. Kawtar suggested resources that helped to guide me throughout our work together.

NS, Professor of Tourism Service Management
Seoul, South-Korea

Kawtar is such a great coach! She brings laughter and joy into her sessions, combined with a very grounded, centered, loving energy. She has the gift of knowing just what to say and just when to say it. In every session with Kawtar I felt heard and uplifted. She reminded me of my progress, supported me in making big changes and always held space for me to be exactly who I am.

CO, Intuitive, Life Coach, Healer
Orange, USA

I felt that I was in the midst of a quarter life crisis when I started working with Kawtar. I was graduating, working part-time at a start-up and unsure of where I wanted to go professionally.

My career ambitions and personal life were not in alignment and it impacted my emotional well being. I was living abroad but felt pulled to going back home. I wasn’t sure how to align the pieces of my career aspirations, my romantic relationship and the right country of residence for me.

The coaching sessions helped to reaffirm what I knew was right. Kawtar helped me to see that I’d always known what the right thing was to do, and that when I pursue it, things turn out well. But I was distracted and making excuses. The coaching helped me to see clearly and reaffirm myself and my trust in my intuition.

Although it took me a while, I was eventually able to make the necessary changes that I knew that I had to make.

I appreciated the patience and guidance throughout the sessions. I felt comfortable and in control of the discussion, but supported throughout. It was nice having someone to bounce my thoughts off of and help keep me aligned. There was constant affirmation and support.

I love Kawtar!

GM, Technology Growth manager
San Francisco, USA