A mindful leader is a more productive and powerful leader!!! The purpose of this program is to support leaders and aspiring leaders to cultivate a mindful approach to leadership, increase their effectiveness and their impact, and connect to their highest vision for their work and their career.

Where you are now

As a leader, you feel generally good about your leadership skills. You are aware of some of your strengths and some of your weaknesses but sometimes, you come across some difficulties.

You want to increase your impact in a meaningful way: You are joining the increasing ranks of leaders who believe leadership is not just about bottom lines and endless crisis. Leadership is about creating an empowered community that works productively and collaboratively towards meaningful goals.

While you have this awareness, you feel frustrated with your inability to create the desires changes at times. You may be so busy dealing with the day to day business tasks that you think you can’t create time or devote energy to this project, but you are committed to bringing humanity back to business.

Where you would like to be

Imagine leading a highly functional team, in a great environment. Now imagine working with that team towards bold goals and achieving them one step at a time.

Imagine being able to lead change effectively instead of dealing with crisis all the time, bringing more empowerment and clarity to your team. A team where each individual contributes with their natural talents and abilities, is trusted and dedicated to their work effortlessly.

Imagine leading a team where goals are fueled by its members’ natural strengths and abilities. Instead of a team living under high stress to deliver all year long, create a team that celebrates small milestones towards the bigger goals increasing its productivity and impact.

It all starts with you!!! When you connect to your higher vision for your leadership, your team and community, it will become a lot easier to take the actions you need to become an more empowering presence for your team and your community.

Benefits you will get from our work together:
  • Connect with your highest vision for your work and your community
  • Create a plan to make this vision a reality
  • Increase your ability to embrace different perspectives
  • Create more win-win outcomes
  • Increase your confidence
  • Lead change effectively
  • Develop a holistic leadership style
  • Foster better relationships
  • Experience more joy and meaning in your life
  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Increase your resilience in difficult situations
  • Unleash your creativity
  • Create more balance in your life and know how to keep it
  • Have a greater sense of clarity about your priorities
How We Can Get You There

The first step is to have a discovery call together to explore if we are a good fit. You will share with me your current situation and goals. We’ll find the gap and discuss how to bridge it through our work together.

Once we agree that we will work together, we will create your package together: Although most programs work with the same core issues, the general timeframe, and the process are unique to each individual. I prefer the customized approach. To me, you are a unique individual, your needs are unique, and your journey is unique. I honor that by really gauging together the resources you require and the right pace for you. Based on those factors, we will determine the frequency of our work.

You also get an accountability buddy and extra support: In addition to our sessions, you will have access to me between our sessions to inform me of your progress, celebrate successes and get encouragement. At times, I can share relevant resources for inspiration between sessions. We will agree on the best way to use this additional support before we begin our work together. This support comes at no extra charge.

Increase you impact and make your leadership role count: Click here to fill out the new client questionnaire and we will contact you shortly to book your discovery call.