The purpose of this specific program is to support the accompanying spouses in the expat community in living the most joyful and fulfilling expat experience they possibly can, by supporting them to overcome their personalized challenges of expat living and turning them into opportunities.

Where you are now

Whether this is your first expat experience or you have been on the circuit for a while, you feel tired and overwhelmed with what seems like the monumental task of setting up the family, adjusting to a new culture, finding your footing, and doing something meaningful with your time.

You struggle with your new roles and new environment: When you embark on the adventure of living as an expat, you find yourself forced to embrace different roles responsibilities in very diverse environments. One day you have a career and the next, you are watching everyone get out the door and you are alone in an empty house with no idea what do with your time or how to direct your energy. You become the pillar of strength in the family as your husband is busier than ever before with work and the kids are adjusting to the demands of a new school and a new culture. And in the midst of it all, you lose touch with you own vision for your life, you seem to become the manager of your family and it’s hard to stop and care for yourself.

Your friends and family from back home don’t understand your struggles: Although it seems from the outside to be a very easy lifestyle, expat living can be very challenging, and to make it worse, your friends and family back home can’t seem to relate or understand your struggles.

The isolation and difficulties you face: The more time you are away, the harder it becomes to relate to family and friends back home. Living abroad also means being away during difficult family crisis and difficulty communicating with family members back home about important issues like illness, death, and inheritance.

Having a fulfilling career seems impossible: whether it is because the never ending logistical details of expat living, the pace of life, or the challenges of finding employment in your host country, constantly looking for new work is exhausting. And sometimes we just don’t know what we want to do anymore.

What was once appealing may now feel dull or meaningless, and you need to find a new work-life balance that fits your new life. More importantly, because expat living changes who we are, how we view the world and our priorities, staying up to date with your own internal shifts can be difficult. Sometimes, all we know is what we don’t want anymore but we have no idea what we want to do next.

What you want

Imagine living your expat experience with ease and joy, devoting enough time to your family, having good relationships with your friends and family back home, creating meaningful friendships abroad, having a vision for your life and advancing your career.

Imagine waking up everyday with a sense of power over your world, feeling optimistic about your experience and taking it as an opportunity to create more meaningful relationships with your husband and kids. Imagine seeing and enjoying the benefits of your expat experience and thriving through the challenges.

Imagine having a career plan that will give you joy and be fun and fulfilling to work on. When you connect your career to your core values, it will always be easy to find work that is meaningful to you. And if you are in a country where you can’t work, what a great opportunity to reshape your career and find your passion. I know such a situation doesn’t always feel like a blessing but you can definitely turn it into one.

Benefits you will gain from our work together:
  • Increased ability to deal with your stress
  • A clear understanding of your needs in this new experience
  • Customized strategies to meet your needs in a way that works for you
  • Assertiveness to deal with difficult relationships
  • Increased confidence in your skills, including social skills
  • Better relationships with your family members
  • Holding a clearer vision for your life and career
  • Creating more harmonious and peaceful relationships
  • Cultivating patience and self-compassion to carry you through the challenges
  • Learning to say no without feeling bad or sounding rude
  • Seeing the world from a more empowering perspective
  • Connecting with your creative side
  • Increased motivation to meet your goals
  • Better sleep and overall health
How We Can Get You There:

The first step is to have a discovery call together to explore if we are a good fit. You see, on this journey, you want someone who can truly see the best of you, who understands the challenges you are going through and has a vast repertoire of resources to guide you. If I am going to be that person, we need to connect and we both need to feel that we are a good match. Anything below that is a waste of our precious time and resources.

Once we agree that we will work together, we will create your package together: Although most programs work with the same core issues, the general timeframe, and the process are unique to each individual. I prefer the customized approach. To me, you are a unique individual, your needs are unique, and your journey is unique. I honor that by really gauging together the resources you require and the right pace for you. Based on those factors, we will determine the frequency of our work.

You also get an accountability buddy and extra support: In addition to our sessions, you will have access to me between our sessions to inform me of your progress, celebrate successes and get encouragement. At times, I can share relevant resources for inspiration between sessions. We will agree on the best way to use this additional support before we begin our work together. This support comes at no extra charge.

Thriving Expat Group Coaching: This program can also be done in groups. If you would to create a Thriving Expat Group and invite me to facilitate, the fee will be smaller than individual programs. At least 6 spouses are required for a group and it can be done virtually. Please mention that you would like to create a group when filling out the new client questionnaire.

Find your balance and keep it, know your strengths, create a better and more joyful life and career. Click here to fill out the new client questionnaire and we will contact you shortly to book your discovery call.