“True Purpose” is a registered Trademark of the True Purpose Institute

This program is designed to support clients with a desire to align with their purpose, and increase their impact to find their life purpose and bring it to life.

Where you are now?

You an inkling that you may have a life purpose but you are not sure: When you hear the words life purpose, many feelings get triggered:  excitement, skepticism, curiosity, and in the last two years of your life, you have found yourself wondering if it really is possible that there is one specific task you were meant to carry on earth. Even tough you may not find a rational reason for it, the question lingers on.

You want your work to be more than just a way to take care of yourself and your family, and you feel there is something bigger you could be doing: The work that used to be exciting is no longer a source of joy. You feel a desire to express something uniquely yours and help others through it.

Different options and possibilities are making it difficult to chose: You are at a crossroads and you hear inside yourself: “if not now, when?”. You’ve gone down a few paths already, and you are still unsure which one will take you to your unique destination or what that destination is. 

Where you want to be

Have clarity on what you are meant to do in your life: Imagine, having a deep sense of clarity and purpose that carries you through the most challenging moments in your life.

Work and live in alignment with your purpose: When you are making decisions about work, you will have the tools to recognize which path serves your journey the most. Even if you experience some confusion, it will dissipate quickly. A deep sense of peace and alignment will become your daily companions.

Experience synchronicities and flow: As you move through the cycles of your journey and clear your limiting beliefs, you will experience synchronicities and feel supported on your new path. It doesn’t mean all will be effortless or easy, but it will all feel meaningful and worth the effort.

Surrender the process and enjoy the journey: As the paradigms holding you in your current situation shift, you will find your need for control, your fears and your blocks melting away. You will get more done with less effort.

Benefits you will gain from our work together:

  • Inner peace in the face of the most trying times
  • Deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction
  • A clear connection to your intuition and how to use it in a practical way
  • The tools to get back on track if you fall off
  • Physical* and emotional healing
  • Increased impact on the issues that matter most to you
  • Empowering paradigm shifts
*Physical healing is based on personal experience. Every experience in unique and results vary depending on each person. 
How We Can Get You There

The first step is to have a discovery call together to explore if we are a good fit. You see, on this journey, you want someone who can truly see the best of you, who understands the challenges you are going through and has a vast repertoire of resources to guide you. If I am going to be that person, we need to connect and we both need to feel that we are a good match. Anything below that is a waste of our precious time and resources.

Once we agree that we will work together, we will create your package together: This specific program has a pre-established process; however, the support needed id different from one person to another. We will have a session every other week and depending on the right pace for you, the journey can go from 6 months to 9 months. It may seem long right now but it is best to take the journey at the pace your body and mind need.

You also get an accountability buddy and extra support: In addition to our sessions, you will have access to me between our sessions to inform me of your progress, celebrate successes and get encouragement. At times, I can share relevant resources for inspiration between sessions. We will agree on the best way to use this additional support before we begin our work together. This support comes at no extra charge.

Stop investing your time and energy in work that leaves you feeling empty. Give yourself the gift of deeply meaningful and purposeful work. Click here to fill out the new client questionnaire and we will contact you shortly to book your discovery call.