We partner with your organization to create a Conscious Leadership Culture through workshops and coaching. Some topics we work on with your leadership team are:

  • Conscious Communication
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Gender Balanced Leadership
  • Values and Mission Driven Decision Making 
  • A Coaching Approach to Leadership: balancing understanding and accountability; inspiring action 

Coaching for better communities: Vision, Inclusion, Alignment, Strategy, Action

  • Creating a vision for your community and a plan to execute that vision
  • Designing and delivering coaching and training services tailored specifically to your communities’ needs
  • Facilitating change from within your community with workshops
  • Support for implementing a strategic plan your community designs for itself with our support

Our process is steeped in simplicity, efficiency and results in deep lasting change. 

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Workshops for Better Communities

Below are some workshops for social change delivered in South-Korea in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy Korea and partners

Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Day – November 2015

Group coaching session for 180 international and Korean high-school girls to recognize the reality of gender bias in their life and empower them to overcome limitations. 

In collaboration with Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation and the U.S. Embassy Korea 

Read more about this workshop in my article published in Women’s News Korea

The U.S. Embassy’s 10th Women’s Leadership Seminar – March 2016

Group coaching session for about 40 Korean community leaders including women CEOs, entrepreneurs, artists, educators, scientists, NGO activists, government officer, librarians, etc.

Goal of the session was to lead a group reflection on the difficulties women face in the current Korean economic and social systems, and inspire the CEOs to think out-of-box to find innovative solutions. 

In collaboration with World Culture Open.

Read more about my views on how empowering women contributes to healthier societies for all.

Busan Hanbada Middle School- April 2016


2-day coaching workshop for 30 secondary school students on the topic of youth contribution to community building and volunteerism. The Goal of the workshop was to support teenage students in connecting with the importance of volunteerism for their community. The workshop supported the students in finding the reasons why they wanted to contribute and the meaningful ways for each of them. It also empowered them to take action and become agents of change in their community rather than passive participants.

In partnership with Busan Hanbada Middle School, Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation, Korea Campaign of Community Sharing, and the U.S. Embassy of Korea.

Danyang Youth Center – October 2016

Pursuing dreams and career path: Group coaching session conducted for 30 middle-school participants to encourage them to pursue careers in alignment with their strengths and passions.

In collaboration with Danyang Board of Education, the U.S. Embassy Korea.

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